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This cornerstone of digital transformation is also the most laborious and costly to manage and implement. A secure place to start your digital transformation journey is to implement a managed print environment.

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Why start here? Your printers and copiers are full of relevant data, this data can reveal usage and process inefficiencies, and solutions will not impact the flow of your current operations. Almost three-fourths of organizations see MPS as an essential driver for digital transformation. The trust that businesses have in MPS as a transformative force is that it is easy to gather, organize and make decisions based on asset data. Implementing MPS based transformation, start by adding up the numbers. Unfortunately, it does require special lenses to use. Then there is the Hololamp, which is the first glasses-free hologram table.

It creates a projection on a flat surface that can be manipulated manually by a motion tracking scanning camera. More user-friendly, but not quite as cool looking.

Digital transformation in the real world

Possibly the coolest looking current holographic technology, Volumetric holograms like those created with the Voxon VX1 display use an ultra-high-speed digital light engine and a highly-optimized volume rendering engine to project over half a billion points of light into a volumetric space every second. Hundreds of digital cross-sections of an image are projected synchronously onto a specially designed high-speed reciprocating screen.

As the photons of light hit the screen, they are diffused and form a physical cross-sectional image at precisely the right place in physical space, and our eyes are tricked into blending those layers together into 1 single, 3D image. No glasses required. Credit: Interesting Engineering. Currently, we are the hologram technology market leader with nearly devices in stock ready for rental. If you are planning to apply hologram technology, pick your phone and call us now! Hotline: 68 Watch Hologram Fan Demo Videos.

Will you get locked out? Well, no more.

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Thanks to the idea of the decentralized internet. Programmers are currently working on distributing the functions of the internet over decentralized nodes using blockchain technology. When completed, this would help to increase the resiliency of the internet.

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Retail Loyalty Programs. Loyalty programs are highly complicated and difficult to monitor for businesses. Blockchain could simplify these issues, by revolutionizing loyalty reward programs. Customers would be awarded tokens that are stored in blockchains. These tokens can then be redeemed across a wide range of partners, all present on the same blockchain.

Three Types of AI

This simplifies the transfers from one loyalty program to another while reducing waste and frauds, that are commonly present in paper and card based reward programs. Digital IDs. Microsoft is working to change that by providing people with digital IDs. These digital IDs would serve to empower refugees, impoverished people and bring them into the formal financial sector.

Supply Chain Management. Blockchains are highly helpful in increasing the efficacy of supply chains. By moving the supply chain to the blockchain, there will be no further need for paper-based trails. Pinpointing inefficiencies as well as identifying the location of items on the supply chain would become highly accurate. Additionally, both customers and businesses can easily track their products to the source of origin.

Data Sharing.

This is an idea introduced by IOTA and is currently being worked. Blockchain could be used to sell or share unused data. Most enterprises have unused data bundles that go waste. Instead, of letting these packets of data go waste, it could be routed to places that need it the most, with the help of blockchain.

Digital Voting. World over there has been increasing criticism about voter fraud.